The Chinthanaya has deceived the public - UNP
Posted on 25 Jan 2014 8:43 AM
The dishonesty of the Chinthanaya has deceived the public, UNP Media Spokesman MP Gayantha Karunathilaka stated.

The government is currently looking for a new slogan and theme for the upcoming elections, he stated.

Speaking at a press conference held today (January 24) in Colombo, the MP stated that members of the government were detaching themselves from the party to join with the UNP while some government politicians had already been appointed Chief Minister even before handing over their nominations.

Karunathilaka said that the government politicians think that the public will vote for them no matter what they do and that they were already violating election laws.

The UNP MP also highlighted the rising cost of living adding that the government had chosen this time to stage an election and would increase prices of essential goods once the election is over.